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Sunday, January 23, 2011

beauty comes from within~TRUE

how can u define beauty?
how can u measure beauty?

i ask some guys i have dated:
- u look beautiful without ur spectacles
- baby i really like ur body
- i love when u dress like this
- u look like ........ (artist)

is that how they define beauty?

for me beauty comes from within
no need heavy makeup
no need sexy dress
no need branded clothing or shoes
yes it beauty but its just physically

i found my mom is really beautiful
she loves her husband and children so much
she is caring... loving... funny and have the warmest hug ever
that is beautiful

beauty is from the inside...
with beautiful personality
beautiful heart
beautiful smile
that is beauty for me
is u are beauty but have a cruel heart filled with jealousy, hatred n negative thinking
u are the ugliest person on earth

everyone is beautiful just the way they are..
once i have experience during my school years
people hardly notice me because i am ugly with dark skin n big spectacles
then people start to like me because i am funny and friendly
now when i change.... into more beautiful..
many people started to notice and get close
but do they like me because the person i am
or just because of my looks?

yes i feel good when i am beautiful...
but i do want people to get to know the real me...
i am a friendly person who likes to makes friends
and also joke around...

so beauty is not just about looks...
when u started to get know a person very close
then u will see the beauty in him/her

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