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Monday, April 4, 2011

why do i still feel lonely???

yes i love to smile ..
love making jokes n laugh with friends
i dont like making enemies with people...
but now realize that i feel so lonely

its not like lonely because of i am alone...
its more like emptiness
i feel so empty inside....
something is missing somewhere

yes now im in a relationship...
he makes me laugh n smile...
but he always makes me worry
i always wondering where is he...

this relationship is new...
i feel something is lacking
y do i feel this way???

is it because im still shadowed by my previous love???
5 years is not like 5 days..
i am used to his way..
these two guys are totally different in every way

i want to be happy..
but y do i feel empty
is it just a feeling????
i want to make a new life
but somehow .... i still remember my ex

what do i want actually?

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