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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dont u dare play behind my back

men ohhh men
i been observing men for a long time
i keep asking... how deep is a man's love

how do a guy love u???
how do u know that a guy will be loyal to u??
coz i've seen many types of man
with many behaviors

lets talk bout men and relationship
single guys first
what do guys look for in a girl??
or someone to be with?

then guys in a relationship...
some of them are not loyal to their partner..
in facebook stated that they are in relationship but actually
they are playing around with other girls without their GF knowing
hurmmmm... i hate this type of guy
plz dont just put ur gf pics just to cover up ur action
what do u want to lie??
u are playing with ur GF trust ...huh!!

ok now married guys
yeah being married is everyone dreams
everyone wants to build their own happy family
but sorry to say this
some of married guys are not that loyal
behind their wives back they still flirting with other girls
calling them sayang...honey... n whatever
oohhh plzzzz grow up
what re u searching for exactly???

im not criticizing men...
n i know my own dad is a man also
but as a person plz respect your partner
dont be in a relationship is you are looking for scandals
what will u get ???
pleasure maybe...
but someday when u lost the one u love then u understand what love is

and me...
if i caught my mam cheating...
his life will be in a living hell....

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