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Thursday, March 17, 2011

friends in need are friends indeed

i love my friends...
i can live without a man (bf)
but i cannot live without my friends

but not all friends can be called friends..
if u have thousands friends in ur FB friend list that doesn't mean that all of it are ur fren

from thousands there are only a few who are a real friend
yeah true
a friend who will be ur side when u need a shoulder to cry on
is not easy to be found
a friend that u can trust to share all ur problems are hard to be find

experience has thought me a lot lesson
not to easily call someone u just meet a friend that can be trust
a friend can also be ur worst enemy
yeah that's true

just be careful in making friends
if they he/she is bad for u...just make a distance
not so close

anyway a message to all my friends out there...
love u all~xoxo

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