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Thursday, June 23, 2011

other people perception~ im a leader???

today one of the activity in interpersonal skill program is list out the positive traits of your friends in your group. We are given 4 pieces of paper and make it become 16 pieces. Then write group members name on each paper then list out the positive criteria of them..

As i write about my friends ...i was wondering what will be my verdict? what do other people is thinking about me after they know me for two days?? hurmmmmmmmm~~~~

this are the comment that i receive from my fellow group mates:
-good leader
-many ideas
-good girl
-high lever spirit

its very good to hear all of this positive things from others right??? i am blushing right now...~hahahahahahaha.... thanks to all my group mates

from this activity now i know how people think about me. They say that i can lead. yes maybe but sometimes i am also afraid...thats really normal.. but most that i am fear of is other perception and also rejection. But they prove to me that i can be what i want to be..

This is me... i am an entertainer, full of ideas, spontaneous and can take any challenges. Yeah i must believe that i can... so i hope in future i can be get a job that suites me well.~thanks INSEP

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